HL7 Lite                        

General Description:

First let’s explain the use of the word “Lite”. Usually when the HL7 (Health Level 7) acronym is applied to data requests the last thing on anybody’s mind is “Lite”. However, the truth is, not all of the requests need an industrial-strength real-time bi-directional HL7 Interface. Often, a simple batch file using the HL7 file format will work just nicely.  We show you how to do exactly that using only the NPR report writer. It may not be common knowledge but the NPR Report Writer is perfectly capable of producing HL7 formatted files.


If you need the data in another format that’s not all that much of a problem either. What you learn in the HL7 is easily adaptable to other formats. Generally speaking, they will be simpler formatting so you will be more than equipped to deal with those.

Who Should Attend?

Anybody who wants/has to send periodic data to third party agencies in a HL7 or other format. Some common examples would be

  • Billing data to third party billing companies.
  • Data to centralized clinical registries.


Our Level 3 - 4 or equivalent knowledge and experience.



If you are worried about supporting these once they are created we can help with that as well. It can be as simple as attending one of our report clinics or we can take over support completely.

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