NPR Specific Topics 

What are NPR Specific Topics?

Sometimes you don't need or want to take a complete course level series. Perhaps you just need a refresher on a specific NPR topic and that's exactly what these are. We have reorganized our course material so that we can offer specific relevant topics in one or two 3 hour sessions.

The topics offered are as follows:

  • Report Fragments (3 Hrs)
  • Control Structures, Variables & Arrays (6 Hrs)
  • Report Macros (6 Hrs)
  • MV Arrays & Advanced Line Attributes (6 Hrs)
  • Linking Across Applications (3 Hrs)

How it works

These work exactly like our regular courses using the same registration process and training environment with a live instructor.


Who Should Attend?

Anybody who needs to brush up on a specific NPR topic. There are no prerequisites or conditions for these sessions but please be aware that the topics presented do assume that you have some working knowledge of related core topics. For example, the Introduction to Macros (Level III) topic will assume that you have a working knowledge of control structures (Level II). If you are not sure please check the course levels and review the topics. Also please feel free to contact us, we would be more than happy to review the levels with you and make suggestions.


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