BAR/Financial - Level I

This course is designed as a starting point for someone who has had some experience with the NPR Report Writer. It is designed as a continuation from our Fundamentals series. The Fundamental series focuses on the data access tool components (multiples, control structures macros, etc.) while this Financial/BAR series focuses on report topics (account balance, month end, statistics etc.) reporting and an understanding of the Fundamental topics is assumed.

While the Fundamental series is not a prerequisite for taking these courses you will need to understand how to use the various access tools presented in the corresponding Fundmanental level. See the Fundmentals Level I for more info. Link Here: Fundmentals Level I

If you have never seen an NPR Report Writer screen before then you need to start at the Fundamental Introduction level where we cover the most basic keystrokes and page navigation.

Module Data Flow & Structures

We look at the data storage components and the flow of data within the module with a view to giving you an idea of how it all works.

Account Balance Reporting

We use examples to introduce the issues and challenges regarding account balances and related calculations.

Batch Transaction Reporting
You will need to report on things at the transaction level. The trick is to start in the right place and we explore these issues with two examples and a data structure review.
Late Charge Reporting
Let's face it, not everything happens exactly when it should and you will need to identify and report on the exceptions.

Daily and Monthly Statistics Reportng

Lets face it, it will not be too long before someone asks you for a statistics report of some kind. Here we cover the issues and challenges of daily and monthly reporting.

Revenue Reporting

You know this one is important..So you need to "know" how to do them....By Corp, dept, insurance and charge procedure.

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