BAR/Financial - Level III

This course is designed as a continuation for someone who has completed our Fundamentals Level II series or has an equivalent skill set. The Fundamental series focuses on the data access tool components (multiples, control structures macros, etc.) while this Financial/BAR series focuses on report topics (account balance, month end, statistics etc.) reporting.

While the Fundamental series is not a prerequisite for taking these courses you will need to understand how to use the various access tools presented in the corresponding Fundmanental level. See the Fundmentals Level II for more info. Link Here: Fundmentals Level III

Trial Balance Reporting


Patient Transaction Reporting
You will need to report on things at the transaction level. The transactions in BAR.PAT are not stored by date so you will need to know some special techniques to get the report done.
Daily and Monthly Statistics Reportng
Lets face it, it will not be too long before someone asks you for a statistics report of some kind. Here we cover the issues and challenges of daily and monthly reporting

Revenue Reporting

This one was important in Level I and it still is. Only now it's more complicated because specifications call for details that are not stored in the revenue statistics DPM's.

Trial Balance Reporting

What better way to understand the period end reporting process than by doing our own trial balance. However, we do it by insurance for a little variation.


Period End Reporting

Monthly reporting is so standard you need ways to deal with it. Patients don't get discharged just because it's month end and so you will have to write reports where the billing data spans the month.

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