Introduction to NPR Report Writing

Course Description

This course is designed for someone who has not used NPR before. It has a functional design that ranges from a detailed overview of the NPR module to data extraction from the Meditech system. The concept is to give the participant the tools they need to get the data into a more "familiar" application....Like Excel, Access or SQL.

We start with a look at the Meditech system as a whole. How the modules interact and the implications of background jobs that move data to and from the various modules.

Next we look at how Meditech stores the data for its applications. We do an overview of array data storage and explain the use of subscripts and how they link to fields.

A look at the NPR Module follows where we point out the main routines you will need to know and how to work with them. A review of the process reports routine is done and how it relates to the data storage is looked at in detail.

What follows is a series of simple straight forward examples designed to illustrate how the NPR report writer application functions. We start with a basic example that lists data from the main segment but the real purpose of the example is to allow us to explain how the various parts of the Report Writer function together to assemble your report

Next is an example that shows you how to deal with multiple values…Those many-to-one data values that are literally everywhere in the system.

The next one is an example designed to show you how to get your Meditech data out of Meditech and into perhaps a more familiar application like a database or a spreadsheet….And yes you will have the data showing up in separate fields and/or columns along with the field/column names.

We have a long history of teaching non-programmers to write reports. You do not need to be a programmer or IT professional to avail of our training. Front line staff who have an interest in "doing" IT themselves are more than welcome.

We also specialize in teaching management NPR report writing so that they may better understand the process and capabilities of the systems they are managing.

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