Introductory NPR Report Writing

The perfect place to start for front line staff who are venturing into NPR report writing for the first time. This course provides a solid introduction and will get the individual off to a good start. 

Topic Outline

1. Intro to NPR Module We do an overview of the NPR module features coming back to focus on the three core routines you need to pay particular attention to.
2. Basic Features Example An example that covers all the basic Report Writer features is done.
3. Data Definitions The all important data definitions are introduced and will be incorporated into many of the examples that follow.
4. Multiples The concept of multiples or many-to-one data structures are introduced and we do an example that thoroughly covers the concept.
5. Downloading Data We look at getting the data out of your Meditech system and into an application such as an Excel Spreadsheet, Access Database or a SQL server.
6. Sorting & Selecting This often misunderstood component is looked at with a view to creating efficient reports. 
7. Grouping & Totaling An extension of the sorting & selecting subject we introduce methodologies designed to allow you to create reports that include grouped and/or totaled components.
8. Intro to Computed Fields The real power behind the NPR report writer is introduced and an overview of how to use them is covered.
9. Math & String Operators Another cornerstone and often misunderstood aspect of the report writer is introduced. We continue on with computed fields using them to introduce the math operators and string extraction/manipulation features and uses.


Course Sample: Grouping & Totaling


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