LAB - Level I

Lab NPR Report Writing Training

Standard Lab Intro Topics

In the Lab specific intro level we continue on with what you've learned in the standard course by focusing on the data structures. Lab specific data structures that is. We go over in detail how the data is stored, where it's stored and most to get it out.

1. Module Overview

We cover the Lab application in general and how it's four component modules (Standard Lab, Blood Bank, Microbiology and Pathology) share four common data components.

2. Lab Common Components

The four common components (Patients, Requisitions, Sites and Reports) and their data structures are looked at in considerable detail.

3. Lab Specimen Data Structures

An in-depth look at the standard Lab specimen data structures. We look at which fields and indexes are important to you as a report writer. Also looked at is how Lab stores dates/times and how to work with them.

4. Standard Lab Example

We combine a closer look at the specimen data structures with an example to show you how to get the results on a report. We also add a few "real-world" specification changes to keep things interesting and help prepare you for when it really happens.

5. Specific Patient Reports

Identifying and selecting particular patients for display on Lab reports requires a little explanation and a look at the underlying data structures. We create a single patient select report as well as a specific patient list report.

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