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Fundamentals of NPR Report Writing
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* HL7 - No Classes Scheduled
BAR Level I (12 Hrs)
Flexible Schedule
BAR Level II (12 Hrs)
Flexible Schedule
BAR Level III (12 Hrs)
Flexible Schedule

LAB Level I (12 Hrs)
Flexible Schedule
LAB Level II (12 Hrs)
Flexible Schedule
LAB Level III (12 Hrs)
Flexible Schedule

RF - No Classes Scheduled
CS - No Classes Scheduled
MACRO - No Classes Scheduled
MVA - No Classes Scheduled
Replicating Standard System Reports
Flexible Schedule

Note: If you register for a course that is marked "Flexible Schedule" no billing action will occur until the course date is set, you have been notified and approve the training dates. Once this occurs the billing will follow its normal flow based on your selected payment method.


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Note that to use this option you must provide a PO number during the registration process.

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